Welcome to The Sunshine Stand

Welcome to the Sunshine Stand! 

I have a soft spot for the weather and all four seasons. Even though we are in the heart of winter, lately, it is spring and “springing up” of lemonade stands that I find myself thinking of the most. I love walking the neighborhood and stumbling upon small salespeople licking their lips (and their sticky fingers) while manning their lemonade stands. They have such sunny dispositions, and the hopefulness that they’ll make a few bucks is sweeter than the lemonade they peddle. I always stop for a small Dixie cup of the watered down stuff and leave an extra big tip.

“TheSunshineStand.com” is inspired and dedicated to all of those “small business owners”. They say, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” right? Here you’ll find my observations on life, happiness and the sunshine that can be found even on the darkest day.

I know a thing or two about weather as well. I’ve spent the past decade tracking some of the most violent and volatile weather in the world, as a Weekday Morning and Midday TV Meteorologist in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I recently left that dream job in search of other dreams. The girl can take herself out of weather, but you can’t take the passion for the weather out of this girl. So, I’ll still be tracking storms for my friends and family, and sharing some safety tips with you. Mixed in you’ll also find stories filled sunshine…and I hope you’ll share your own too:)

So, welcome to my virtual “Sunshine Stand”. ( You have the mental visual, right?) You can get the lemonade from the neighbors’ kids… you’ll always find sunshine right here:)

Shine On!!!