Book Character Day: Elephant And Piggie

This has been a big year in our home when it comes to reading. Just after our son turned five, he started to read. What a thrill! Now, we’re just talking about small sight words in those simple I Like To Read books, but to see it all clicking in that busy little brain of his is amazing. As an avid reader myself, this was one of those super cool Mom moments that I didn’t quite anticipate.

The kid loves books. To see him get as excited about a new library book as he does a new toy makes my heart swell. So when the question came up as to which book to choose to dress up as for Book Character Day at school, we had to do some thinking. We have so many favorites!


Last year, Tedd Arnold’s Fly Guy Series was #LittleMan’s top pick . I mean what little guy doesn’t enjoy the often gross adventures of a boy and his pet fly? LOL. We currently love the Flat Stanley series by Lori Haskins Houran. It’s the story of a boy who is different than everyone else, but uses that difference as an advantage, and often saves the day. Flat Stanley was a major contender this year.

In the end though, it boiled down to two unlikely friends who play hard, disagree hard, and love hard -which also happen to be three distinct characteristics of my son. We picked the Elephant and Piggie series. But which of these many Mo Willems books would we choose? Well OBVIOUSLY, it had to be the one that included silly, messy, yucky SLOP. (Words that end in “-op” seem to be a favorite with many of the little boys I know.  Am I right, Mamas?)


So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Elephant & Piggie. A simple, but fun costume to put together with just a glue gun, some thread and a few things around the house. (EXCEPT the hat. I thought about making that, but I found this one on Amazon, which was pretty inexpensive, and it would keep the elephant’s trunk out of my kid’s face. My big mistake with the Fly Guy costume was that it was cumbersome for a little kid to wear all day.) In hindsight, this year I wish I would have added a secret pigeon on the costume too. (If you’re familiar with the series, you know Mr. Willems always hides his famous Pigeon somewhere in the book. How cute would that have been?!?)

My little elephant was so proud as he stomped into class. Oh to be the Fly Guy on the wall at school today.

What are your favorite children’s books? I’d love your recommendations in the comments below!

Shine On!