Bob Hurley Experience: Ford Focus

Julie Chin Bob Hurley Experience: Ford Focus

VIDEO: Julie Chin on the Bob Hurley Ford Focus Titanium

Ford Focus: Rainy Day Fun

We’ve been begging for rain for months, possibly even a year now. Bingo! Today is the day we’re at least making a little dent in our rainfall deficit. A grey sheet covers the sky. It has been raining all day, and no one is complaining about it. That includes me. It turns out the steady rain is the perfect backdrop to test out my new Bob Hurley Ford. Read On:

Ford Focus Titanium: Focus Group
I have a special group of women whom I meet for lunch every other week or so. We call ourselves the “lunch ladies.” We were strangers a few years ago, but we all met, and started chatting over Twitter. Our Twitter friendship quickly morphed into the real deal and since then, we’ve attended each other’s weddings, celebrated birthdays together and we’ve shared many laughter filled lunches together. Read On:

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