Bob Hurley Experience: Buick Enclave

2012 Buick Enclave: It’s No Longer Just Your Grandfather’s Buick

2012 Buick Enclave: Your Neighbors Will Notice

Sometimes I think it’s best to go into situations without any preconceived notions. Oftentimes, my husband and I will go see a movie without reading a review or even knowing what it is all about, we do the same with library books. Also, we’ll try new local restaurants, just because…

As I buckle in behind the wheel of each of my Bob Hurley vehicles, my experience is much of the same. I think it’s important for you to get my authentic experience as it happens. So, with that said you should know… Read More:

2012 Buick Enclave: Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears… Just Right!

My adventures with my 2012 Bob Hurley Buick Enclave, remind me a little bit of the childhood story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” My first few days of driving …Read More :

2012 Buick Enclave: Destination Woolaroc

It’s Sunday afternoon and Mother Nature has dealt us one honey of a day. We’re taking advantage by packing up and heading out on a road trip!

Road Trip to Woolaroc in my Buick Enclave

We gas up and hop in our 2012 Bob Hurley Buick Enclave and wind our way along Oklahoma’s rolling hills. We drive through small towns and drive by large farms. We smile at the blue sky above us, and laugh as we literally watch hawks make lazy circles in the sky. Read More:

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