Road Trip! Julie Chin’s Bob Hurley Experience

Ladies and Gentlemen….. Start your engines!

As the road of life took me to your TV screen for nearly a decade, it has now led me to an exciting, fun new partnership! I’m taking on the Bob Hurley Difference Challenge.

Buying a vehicle is a big deal. In fact, did you know it is the second biggest purchase most of us make in our life? When you’re spending that kind of hard-earned cash, you want to know who you are dealing with, what you can expect and if you are giving your money to someone you can trust. I’m here to help you navigate all of that, with my friend Bob’s help, of course.

I’m not a car expert and as you know, I’ve never played one on TV, but I’m stepping into new territory and it is full speed ahead.

We’re launching a new kind of road test, and watch out because, I’m behind the wheel. Welcome to my Bob Hurley experience! Over the next several months I’ll be driving a different Hurley vehicle every week. If you see me around town, ask me about it. Right here each week, I’ll give you my honest opinion and let you know what I think. Buckle up, we have a long, fun road ahead with nearly 30 Fords, Buicks and GMC’s calling my name and the great state of Oklahoma to explore.

Road trip, anyone?

Join me! And of course, if you’re looking for a new ride… Call Bob.

2 thoughts on “Road Trip! Julie Chin’s Bob Hurley Experience

  1. Me and my husband have been looking for a new vehicle. We have 4 kids, so as you can imagine there are a lot of decisions that go alone with this purchase. We need something that will accommodate all 6 of us comfortably plus we need room for ball equipment and luggage for when we go on trips. Plus we want something that has good gas mileage. Right now we have a Dodge Durango and it is a gas hog! Not too crazy about the idea of converting to a mini van – lol. Anyway, we are VERY interested in the Ford Flex. Was just wondering if you have had the chance to drive one yet and your thoughts, feelings and concerns about that vehicle. We test drove one for about 10 mins, but that really doesnt help us much us much. Just hoping to make a decision by the end of summer. Trying to make my current vehicle last as long as I can before having to take on a new car payment.

    Thanks so much,

    Kristin Cole

    • Hi Kristin,

      Thanks for the note. I have not driven the Ford Flex yet. I’m making my way through the line of Fords. I’m in a Focus now, I’m guessing a Fusion next, then I assume the Edge and the Flex would be somewhere after that. So, I assume I will be driving it in the next couple of months for sure, and I will definitely be blogging about it. I totally understand your concerns, I would feel the same way with such a big family and such a big financial decision to make. Since I know the guys at Bob Hurley so well, I could help arrange for you to get a good look at it, and I promise, I will be blogging about it too, if you’d like to hold off and wait. Are you in Tulsa? I could even take it by your house or we could meet up somewhere when I get one in the months to come so you could see it and we could try to get your kids (and then feature that in for my blog:)) Just a thought:)
      Warm Wishes,

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