Tulsa Drillers Opening Night: Swing for the Stars

There’s something special about baseball season. Julie Chin at ONEOK Field

It’s the season that serves up “peanuts and Cracker Jacks.”

There’s the snap, crackle and pop of Friday night fireworks on hot summer nights when the stadium seats stick to your legs.

There’s the camaraderie of the crowd.

And of course there’s the thrill of Continue reading


The Random Act of Kindness that Helped My Run

My first attempt at blogging began around this time last year when I signed up and started training for the Tulsa Run. The Tulsa Run is the oldest and largest run in Oklahoma. Cheering on the crowd before the 2011 Tulsa RunAfter 35+ years Continue reading

An Oklahoma Day Trip: Discovering Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve

Ahhhh…Vacation. Who doesn’t love a break from the ordinary?

As spring break winds down, many of our friends are coming back from amazing trips all over the country and the world. Our travels weren’t nearly as fancy, but we did find time to get out of the house and explore…

Today, with  a tankful of gas, we’re heading about 45 miles north of Tulsa to Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve. My husband is at the wheel and I’m his trusty co-pilot.

Julie Chin in Car at Woolaroc

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When was the last time you took a Sunday Drive?

It seems that we’re always in a rush to go somewhere… do something…  be productive.

Happy Trails to YouToday we’re fighting that urge. With no place to be and no destination in mind, we’ve just set out for a leisurely drive.

We took care of our chores on Saturday. We went to church earlier this morning. We know there is some heavy rain in the forecast for the week ahead. We’re well fed, well watered, and well— Continue reading

Love at First Stomp!

I’m a fan of the old-fashioned musical. You know, the kind where boy meets girl, there are some fun and flashy dance numbers, boy almost loses girl, then there are some ballads and reprises, and in the end…. BOY GETS GIRL.

Julie Chin at Stomp!

So, with that said, I was unsure how I’d feel about the show Stomp! Thanks to my friends at Celebrity Attractions, Continue reading

Running an Errand… The Old Fashioned Way

“Slow down and everything you are chasing with come around and catch you.” -John De Paola

The old “me” would have just hopped in my car. Starved for time and with way too much on my plate, I would have chosen the quickest, easiest option. The mission was pretty simple, I just needed to drop something off at a store that’s pretty much right around the corner from home. Total drive time about five minutes there and back… maybe three, if I caught the light.

However, Continue reading

Monday Morning Quarterbacking: Motivational Advice

It would have been easy to stay in bed Monday morning. The bed was warm. Peeking out the window, a fresh coating of snow covered the grass (our first “real” winter snow this season with over an inch!) and the damp, grey skies were anything but welcoming.

SouthWest Airlines CEO Howard PutnamYes… I thought about it. But Continue reading

Summoning My Inner Roller Derby Girl

Up until this weekend, the closest I’ve ever come to a “Roller Girl” would include my excessive use of hot rollers. Yes, it’s safe to say I’ve been a “Hot Roller Girl” for a good part of my life. This weekend the hot rollers went on hiatus and my husband and I rolled on over to watch our local roller derby league season opener. Continue reading

Yoga: Revisiting Life Lessons Started in Kindergarten

Me as a Kindergartener!

I vividly remember nap time in kindergarten.

I dreaded it.

Our teacher would turn off the lights, have us pull out our mats and tell us it was time to rest. We’d all lay our little bodies down for some quiet time and inevitably… I’d get scolded for talking. I don’t think I ever napped during nap time.

Fast forward roughly 30 years, and I Continue reading