Pregnant Pause…

photo 3Sorry about my lack of posts for the past couple of years. Let’s just call it.. a ‘Pregnant Pause’ shall we? A very extended pregnant pause…

You see, I took a break  from blogging to focus on my company, my family, and my health when we got pregnant with our son, and I’ve just been swamped since my #LittleMan was born. I’ve been busy juggling my business, sleepless nights, and learning the ropes of being a new mom. My ‘Type A’ personality wants to know the textbook solution to every situation- what a joke. There’s nothing like motherhood to slap you in the face with the reality that parenting, at times, is as clear as mud. Needless to say, when my domain mapping renewal reminder popped up tonight,  I realized its been a VERY LONG time since I updated the good old sunshine stand. Sorry about that. I’ve been distracted singing to ‘my only sunshine.’

To catch you up, life has never been sweeter– and that’s because life is no longer about me. These days it’s all about my #LittleMan. He’s just about 1 and a half now, and he is a walking, talking toddler tornado– a energetic spinning ball of joy, snuggles and mischief. He is the answer to my many, many, many prayers, and makes my heart so full it feels like it is going to explode. There is no place I would rather be these days than with him and my husband at home. Indeed, home IS where my heart is.

Getting to this point has been a several year journey down a long rocky road. You see, I always dreamed I’d be a mother, but I never imagined it would take me as long as it did to become one. Pregnancy just didn’t happen as easily for me as it does for some women, and there were times I would wonder if it would ever happen at all. Thanks to some wonderful doctors and the grace of God, our prayers were finally answered and our beautiful son was born in 2014.

If I’ve learned anything during this ‘pregnant pause’ the past few years it is this– trust in God’s timing. HIS is always the best timing. We often have our own timeline, our own idea of how things ‘should be’. Try to let go of those ideologies, and trust that God has a much better plan. It might take a LOT longer than your plan, and might take you through several unexpected twists and turns, but trust that it will lead you exactly where you are supposed to be.

For me, motherhood exceeds my wildest dreams. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but by far the most important and joyful thing I will ever do. Good things come to those who wait, and I’m grateful now God made me wait was long as He did for our #LittleMan. Because of that, I’m in a place, and at a point in my life where I can savor every moment soaking up my ‘little sunshine.’


Patience is a virtue friends… thank you for being so patient with me. It’s good to be back.

Shine on!