Whether Shivering or Sweating… Learn to Savor Every Moment

Ask my mother and she’ll tell you I only wore dresses, until I reached the 5th grade.

What can I say? I’m a dress girl. I still am… and I especially love sundresses. If I could find a way to wear one all year-long, I would, but alas, I’ve found it’s tough to make one work in a snow storm.

Julie Chin San FranciscoMy love of sundresses compelled me to pack many (despite knowing better) on our recent trip to San Francisco. My plan: to layer the sundresses with tights, sweaters, coats, etc. If you’ve ever been to the “city by the bay,” then you probably know that despite the fact that it is in “sunny California,” San Francisco tends to be foggy and cool. The science behind it is amazing. During our recent mid-June visit the surrounding cities were all in the 90s and 100s, and we were in the 50s and 60s. I admit, (even as a Meteorologist), that 50s and 60s isn’t  sundress weather.

So, as you’d expect, I found myself underdressed one night while waiting for a trolley near the famed Fisherman’s Wharf. I really should have been in pants and a sweater and a coat, but there I was in my layer sundress! It was around 10:30pm, the wind was whipping and I was shivering. This was a teeth chattering, do jumping-jacks-in-place kind of cold. We had already been waiting nearly an hour, electing to pass up the simpler solution of taking a bus or taxi, to enjoy the open-air thrill (and Rice-a-roni moment) of riding a famous San Francisco trolley. My husband and I stood there and shivered together. It felt like forever and I started to get frustrated. He simply reminded me that when we returned home to steamy Tulsa we’d be wishing for this blast of cooler air. He had a point.

Be present. Live in the moment, and savor every second. We’ve heard all that before, but for me, standing on that chilly San Francisco street corner it clicked. Sure I was cold, but I knew I’d warm up soon. Yes, we had wasted time, but we weren’t rushing to get anywhere anyway. As much as I was ready for the trolley to come pick us up, it  really made no sense to get upset or angry. Really, when you think about it, rushing time on vacation only gets you back home and back to work sooner. It seems like we all tend to rush from one place to another, while making plans for what’s next along the way. Why not slow down and embrace life’s every second?

It’s roughly a month later, and we’re back home in Tulsa. Summer in T-town is famous for long stretches of sizzling triple digit days. Even though statistically last summer was hotter, it feels pretty miserable here right now. On top of that, our air conditioner has decided to take a few “vacation days” of its own. It’s on the fritz, and there’s no cool air to be found in our home. Yes, as much as we beg our thermostat to get back down to 72 cool degrees, it’s adamant at 86.  My husband suggests a hotel, but I stubbornly want to stay home and simply make the best of it.

We sit in darkness (since the lights just make us feel hotter) and whisper (like the lights, talking loudly seems to make us feel hotter too). Through the windows we feel the soft south breeze. We note how the hum of the floor fan provides the perfect base for a lullaby being sung by a tiny tree frog outside. We decide to change it up tonight and sleep downstairs where it is at least a little less miserable. I put ice packs in our sheets to cool us off, and think cool thoughts while laying down. As hot as it was (and it was hot!!!)… it was actually kind of nice…

Keeping our cat coolAs I drift off to sleep, I spot my favorite sundress across the room. It’s the one I wore that chilly night in San Francisco, and this is exactly the kind of night my husband was referring to at the time. The sundress reminds; even uncomfortable memories can be good memories if you let them.

Shortly after daybreak, the doorbell rings and the hero of the story, the A/C repairman comes to the rescue. Cool air is once again spilling from our vents… and it has never felt so good.

Sometimes the small stuff makes you sweat (or sends shivers up your sundress), but when it comes to the big picture, don’t sweat the small stuff… those moments are simply memories in the making.

Shine on!


5 thoughts on “Whether Shivering or Sweating… Learn to Savor Every Moment

  1. I know how you feel about getting your air conditioner fixed. We just had to replace a toliet and being a one bathroom family afte 35 years of having 2 seemed like a real burden. Of course since this is an old house the toliet had to be special ordered! Finally yesterday after almost 3 weeks we are now a 2 bathroom family again! Thank goodness.

  2. Thank you Julie! I experienced the same thoughts when Kerry and I went to London, Paris and the Netherlands. I was FREEZING as they said the weather was warmer the week before we went. Great time for me to buy a London Jacket and enjoy it! Blessings and love sent your way. I want to go here myself. Kerry went last yr and made him PROMISE he would not ride trolley until I was there….lol

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