The Random Act of Kindness that Helped My Run

My first attempt at blogging began around this time last year when I signed up and started training for the Tulsa Run. The Tulsa Run is the oldest and largest run in Oklahoma. Cheering on the crowd before the 2011 Tulsa RunAfter 35+ years it keeps getting bigger and better.  It’s a 15k that begins in Downtown Tulsa and winds through its historic neighborhoods before ending back in the heart of downtown again. It seems like anyone who has lived in Tulsa for any amount of time has taken part in, volunteered or cheered fellow runners on along the sidelines of the Tulsa Run. It is one of the biggest events in the community. Each year, to make it a little more fun, a few local media personalities, or politicians, or CEOs of big companies are invited to be the “celebrity runners”. Typically, these people are not runners. The idea is, “if they can do it, so can you!” Yep, I was one of THOSE people. Never having been a runner myself I kept a weekly/bi-weekly training blog in which I shared my training schedule, my successes and my failures on my way to the start and ultimately the finish line of the Tulsa run.

Final 1.5 miles of Tulsa Run 2011The Tulsa Run took place at the end of October. I spent a lot of time training to make it to the big day. What an accomplishment. The run will go down as my greatest success of 2011. ( I even included a shot of it on our Christmas Card!) I had never been a runner, but I became one. It’s proof that just because you’re not good at something, doesn’t mean you can’t do it.Tulsa Run 2011 Celebrity Runner

Fast forward 5 months, and it’s confession time. Since the big run, I have relaxed considerably on my running schedule. ( I was still working hard at it, up until this past month.) Here are my excuses: My knees needed a break. I had to make time for some other things in my life. I was busy pursuing my business.

It dawned on me this morning that while I have worked out, cycled, walked and yoga-ed  lately, I had not run lately (GASP!) That had to change today.

I pulled out all my runners gear and enthusiastically tied up my sneakers. I’ll admit, I was nervous about the run ahead. It wasn’t going to be easy…

A simple 4 mile run which was a “short and easy” run for me last year, was brutal today. I had a hard time getting in the zone. I felt hot. I felt out of rhythm.

On top of it all… I felt ashamed. My Tulsa Run training was a huge gift. How had I let go of that? With every step I beat myself up a little.

Then it happened.

As I ran up to the Pedestrian Bridge, a young man randomly held his hand up and gave me a high five. I did not know him. I don’t think he knew me. It all happened in a spilt-second… and it was exactly what I needed. With that simple signal of support, I let go of the negative talk in my head, and suddenly all the positive stuff flooded in.

I relaxed, and realized— I GOT THIS!!!

When I turned around, and ran back by the bridge again, the young man was gone. I wish I could find him and thank him. Chances are he has no idea what a huge impact he had on me. He made my day, and my run. I’m sure I’ll think of him on my future runs too, both when times get tough, and when I see other struggling runners. I will likely follow his example and high-five them, too.

There’s something to be said for random acts of kindness. Has anyone ever simply reached out to you to help… just because? Sometimes it’s not the grand gestures, but simple ones that can help others get back on track.

Shine On!


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