When was the last time you took a Sunday Drive?

It seems that we’re always in a rush to go somewhere… do something…  be productive.

Happy Trails to YouToday we’re fighting that urge. With no place to be and no destination in mind, we’ve just set out for a leisurely drive.

We took care of our chores on Saturday. We went to church earlier this morning. We know there is some heavy rain in the forecast for the week ahead. We’re well fed, well watered, and well— we’ve saved this afternoon to simply chat, drive and explore. It is the perfect day for the Sunday drive.Sunday Drive in the Osage Hills

“The Sunday Drive” actually dates back to the 1920s and 1930s. During those days, the car wasn’t used for commuting, but for pleasure. People just took drives because they could. Recently I’ve chatted with many who have great memories of the Sunday drive with their parents and grandparents. Without a doubt it’s a great way to explore the state.

So, here we are on a Sunday, driving down dusty dirt roads in the middle of our own mini-adventure. We wind our way through the beautiful Osage hills. We pass ponies. We stop and stare at the bison.

Skiatook Lake on a Sunday Drive

We’re breathless as we take in the beauty of the Redbuds overlooking Skiatook Lake

And we wonder… what life would be like if we were ranchers and country folk who lived outside of the city limits?

We laugh. We dream. We drive.

This is the last weekend of winter. Spring officially arrives this week. I always think of spring as a season of awakening. As nature starts to perk back up, it provides the perfect backdrop to roll down the windows, sit back, relax and take a few more Sunday drives. Care to join us?

Shine On!!


2 thoughts on “When was the last time you took a Sunday Drive?

  1. We have to try that with both of you one of these days when you come to New York. Manhattan is great, but New York State has a lot to offer too.

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