Monday Morning Quarterbacking: Motivational Advice

It would have been easy to stay in bed Monday morning. The bed was warm. Peeking out the window, a fresh coating of snow covered the grass (our first “real” winter snow this season with over an inch!) and the damp, grey skies were anything but welcoming.

SouthWest Airlines CEO Howard PutnamYes… I thought about it. But I was motivated to get up and at ’em, since I was heading to the Get Motivated Seminar in downtown Tulsa. A friend had generously offered me a free ticket and since I was free that day, I thought why not? Opportunity knocks.

If you have never been to one of these shows (and this was my first), they are like a day long pep rally with advice to help grow your communication, management, customer service, team building, organizational, financial and people skills.

Leadership Speech by Colin Powell

General Colin Powell

Lots of speakers take the stage, some pushing products and some simply with motivational messages. It reminded me of our old “Weather Tour” days when we would take the weather team and a message of storm safety from town to town.

US First Lady Laura Bush at Get Motivated Seminar in Tulsa

Former First Lady Laura Bush

However, this tour was much grander and included power players like General Colin Powell, Former First Lady Laura Bush, “America’s Mayor” Rudy Giuliani, NFL Famed Quarterback Terry Bradshaw, and Legendary Coach Lou Holtz.

Football Player and Hall of Famer Terr Bradshaw in Tulsa

NFL Quarterback Terry Bradshaw

Without a doubt I took something away from each speaker, but I found a real connection with renowned Notre Dame coaching legend Lou Holtz.

That might be because I have a soft spot for the coaching profession. In so many ways, I see parallels of a coach’s job to forecasting the weather. For instance, a meteorologist can have as much information as possible and the best forecast, but the day doesn’t always turn out  a “winner”. Sometimes mother nature throws you curveballs. The same goes for coaches. Their plays and strategies depend on their players’ execution and how the other team responds. There is no way to completely control that.  They too, try their best and proceed with what they think is right, but it doesn’t always pan out. Both weather forecasters and coaches have to rely some on gut instinct, and they both will admit they sometimes make the wrong call.  Both are also celebrated for their victories, and heavily criticized for their failures. They carry on regardless, for the love of the game.

Coach Lou Holtz at Get Motivated Seminar in Tulsa

Coaching Legend Lou Holtz

I can’t say I knew much about Lou Holtz before he took the stage on Monday, except that he was a very famous and successful coach. After hearing him speak, I can see why. Holtz  worked his magic on stage… and even closed with a trademark magic trick. In between it all, he had a great message for anyone who doubts themselves. And let’s be honest, don’t we all have some self-doubt sometimes?

“You are not born a winner or a loser… you are born a chooser.” -Lou Holtz

Huh. It’s amazing how a play on words can be so powerful. Ever wonder how some could be born with so much and do so little and some born with so little can do so much? We make choices everyday, and our choices affect not only ourselves but others. I believe the best life is one you lead with honesty and integrity. When faced with a tough decision, do what you think is right. You’ll sleep easier and live better.

“It’s important to be excited about what you’re doing. When you do whatever it is with enthusiasm, other people want to be part of it.” -Lou Holtz

You may not be able to control what life throws at you, but you can control the attitude in which you respond to it. Enthusiasm is infectious. People want to be around others with passion and spirit. I am amazed at how a simple smile can be a game changer sometimes. You don’t have to be the captain of the cheerleaders, but at least try to be part of the squad.

“Rule of life: If you are not growing… you are dying.” -Lou Holtz

Push. Dream. Imagine. Change is uncomfortable ( trust me, I know and I am living through this now), but it is also good. Without change we cannot grow.

“You can succeed even when nobody believes in you.” -Lou Holtz

Life throw us all challenges. We’re going to win some, we’re going to lose some. Not everyone is going to be your biggest  fan… but you must be.  Believe in yourself. Trust that you are capable of great things.

In order to do those great things you must take that first step and get moving each and every day! It would have been easier to sleep in on this snowy morning but I’m glad I didn’t, because now, I’ll sleep even sounder tonight.

Shine on!!!


4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Quarterbacking: Motivational Advice

  1. If you have time and are interested in reading more from Lou Holtz, pick up a copy of his autobiography, “Wins, Losses, and Lessons.” That book is a wonderful sneak-peek insight into the mind of a great coach like Holtz. He and UCLA’s John Wooden are two of my favorites whenever I need a boost.

  2. Sounds like it was such an uplifting day! I also have a quote Grow where you are! We will all have challenges through life and you are right, it is what we do with these that makes us or breaks us! Love, hugsss and God Bless Julie!

  3. Enjoyed your “take” on the motivational get together. However, from your “older” folks who have watched you for years on TV, it should have been a little like “taking coals to Newcastle”. To a large degree you were already there with your personality, beauty and overal knowledge of the material you presented each day.

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