Summoning My Inner Roller Derby Girl

Up until this weekend, the closest I’ve ever come to a “Roller Girl” would include my excessive use of hot rollers. Yes, it’s safe to say I’ve been a “Hot Roller Girl” for a good part of my life. This weekend the hot rollers went on hiatus and my husband and I rolled on over to watch our local roller derby league season opener.

If you’re going to walk the walk, then you gotta talk the talk. So I was quick to research our roller derby names. Oh yeah. The name is one of the really fun parts of the sport. Consider some of our local All Star Green Country Roller Girls: Temptress Storm, Bounce Her, QuikTripper, Rosie the Wrecker and Toxic Ta’Killah… just to name a few.

(You’re curious now aren’t you? Here is the link to figure out yours!) 

My husband’s name was much cooler than my own. The website generated Alice Affliction for me and Bruiser DaHandGrenade for him! (I would love to hear what it generates for you!)

So does this mean your former Weather Girl is turning into a Roller Girl?!? No, that’s not happening. I’m not a great skater, but I am certainly now a great fan!

Cover of "Whip It"

Cover of Whip It

This was my first roller derby AND I LOVED IT.  I’ve been wanting to go and check out our team ever since I saw Ellen Page in the film “Whip It“. I saw a flyer in Starbucks for the Green Country Roller Girls season opener and I was psyched! I had to go.

My desire to head to the derby raised a few eyebrows. Sure, the crashing and thrashing of roller derby is a little out of character for me. I’m not a big fan of pushing. My husband and I have seen more Disney films this year than any other genre (and we don’t have children). We’re soft, non-confrontational, warm and fuzzy folks. Not necessarily the “type” you would expect to be screaming our heads off at the roller derby. But guess what… we did! ( We also discovered there really isn’t a certain roller derby “type” either!)

It’s this simple: we love to support our local teams… all of them.

Expo Square Pavillion Roller Derby

We were joined by a  big crowd inside the Expo Square Pavilion Saturday night. I was impressed by the size of the audience especially considering how many other large local events were going on at the same time. I knew the gals skated around an oval, but I didn’t know much else. Wikipedia came to the rescue and guided us through it all as we watched the girls roll with the punches round after round.

As much as I wanted to see the derby, I wasn’t sure how bloody and violent it would be. (Remember, I’m a lover not a fighter). I expected to see the gals getting bounced around but their skating skill and speed took center stage. I also Julie Chin and Jessica Anderson at the Roller Derbywitnessed great sportsmanship in the ring. Sure, the roller girls would knock one another down, but they also helped each other back up at the end of a jam (or session). I saw no blood and no tears. (I guess there’s no crying in roller derby!) What we did see was great athleticism, agility and grace on skates. Make no mistake about it, the sport is fast, furious and full contact.  And yet, they made it look so easy and fun, that my friend Jessica and I sat there wishing we could take part in one round … just one….

The Green Country Roller Girls spoke to my own inner “tough girl”.  They were cool and courageous. I loved how they voluntarily put themselves out there, knew they were going to get knocked around… and welcomed it. They headed straight into the eye of the storm, weathering anything or anyone that stood in their way. Next time my sky darkens and I face down life’s challenges I will find inspiration in their fearlessness. When you are paralyzed by fear, it’s impossible to focus on the victory.

My first trip to the Roller Derby

I had the great pleasure of meeting team captain "Temptress Storm" after and guess what? Underneath her tough exterior, she was warm, fuzzy and very sweet. Who says you can't be it all?

I woke up this morning and noticed a fresh black and blue mark on my leg. I can’t seem to figure out where it came from. It popped up somewhere between the roller derby and now. I know “Bruiser DaHandGrenade” isn’t to blame.

Perhaps… it’s my inner roller girl coming out:)


11 thoughts on “Summoning My Inner Roller Derby Girl

  1. See, NOW you know why I love those women SO much! They are empowered and yet have the biggest giving hearts of the community! They have given a LOT of money to local charities throughout their history in Tulsa. Mothers, teachers, professionals you name it – they are fabulous WOMEN! I’m SO glad you went! Hope you will do it again and sit with me!
    Judi, AKA Mammy O’ Gram (my skater name given to me by the GCRGs!)

  2. Kerry and I went several times in the past year. What fun it was! Great Blog Julie. Happy Valentines Day! Smiles and Rainbows

  3. I had the pleasure of going to the season opener too and was stoked by the GCRG players and I too am hooked on Roller Derby! It wa a BLAST!

  4. Oh my goodness! I am so happy to hear you had a great time at our bout.. and I must say, I miss waking up to your smiling face every morning! Hope to see you at many more 🙂

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