Superbowl XLVI: Madonna Makes Us Proud!

She’s a 7-time Grammy award winner…
A Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer…
…And it turns out the material girl is a daddy’s girl too!

Madonna’s music has been part of my life way long before I had an understanding of what her lyrics actually meant. I remember singing her songs on the swing set in the school yard. Growing up, there were times I tried to emulate Madonna style. Here’s the painful proof– My 4th grade school photo. It’s kind of blurry, but notice the BOW…

My Big Madonna Bow!

Madonna’s songs of strength have become anthems for me and my gal pals throughout the years. Has Madonna gone a little too far sometimes? Absolutely. Do I cherish her music anyway? You betcha.

I became an even bigger Madonna fan last week when I watched an interview in which she said she was dedicating her half time performance at Superbowl XLVI to her Dad. While she’s played just about everywhere to sold out crowds, she said he father would regard this performance as the highlight of her career. That makes sense to me. The game is part of the fabric of America. Superbowl Sunday is considered a holiday by most. Can you imagine what it would be like to know your little girl (even at age 53!) was the superstar performer of the night?

While I found myself cheering for a certain NY based (Go Giants!) football team during the first half, what I really found myself doing was wondering how Madonna was getting into the groove behind the scenes. Was she nervous? What was she doing backstage? Was she ready for the criticism ( because people are always quick to criticize)? What would we all be saying about her around the water cooler Monday? Would she prove people wrong who thought she’d cross the borderline? Would she make her dad proud? Would she make the rest of us proud?

Yes, I was feeling a little protective of our beautiful stranger. Just like I know not to mess with my husband’s football, he knows not to mess with my Madonna. Seems like I’ve heard a lot people, especially women, express themselves in same way. I really wanted her to do great. I wanted to say to all the haters, see? Our Madonna is amazing! I guess in a sense I needed her to justify my love!

I actually felt nervous for everyone involved in the Superbowl. Can you imagine the pressure the athletes, advertisers, executives and performers are under? Each and every one delivered! Oklahoma’s husband and wife pair of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert sang the sweetest version of America the Beautiful I have ever heard.  And Kelly Clarkson (sporting bangs!) delivered my most favorite version of the National Anthem ever Sunday night. (Thank goodness she got all the words right, too!)  Blake Shelton tweeted this picture out after the performance. I love to see their smiling faces.

Blake Shelton twittered this pic out Superbowl Sunday

Finally it was halftime and Madonna took the stage. I’ll spare you the play by-play, because I’m pretty confident you either watched it yourself, or have seen it on YouTube by now. You probably heard both good and bad by now too.

Personally, I thought Madonna was Superbowl Sunday’s ray of light. Did she lip-sync? Perhaps, but if I were her, I probably would have too. If I would have bought a ticket to see her perform I would expect her to sing. Performing as a half-time show in the spectacle that is the Superbowl? I think it’s ok to just sing along.

More than that though, I thought Madonna put on the best halftime show ever! She entered looking like a goodness– gorgeous and classy in black and gold. And, except for a minor slip, there were no major wardrobe malfunctions! She danced and vogued as we would expect Madonna to do. I loved the guy on the wire and the children’s choir and marching band that joined in too. Not to mention, she performed some of my favorites from my favorite album. Madonna didn’t go it alone, either. She got a little help from her friends like LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, MIA and Cee Lo Green.

Madonna had set out to create “the greatest show on earth inside the greatest show on earth”, and I think she did just that.

Take a bow. 

You made your Dad proud, Madge…. and the rest of us too:)

Shine On!


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