Happy (Chinese) New Year!

The sun may be shining today, but for many there’s still a dark cloud that hangs over the day.

No matter the weather, we tend to suffer from this feeling around this same time every week. It’s what I call a “case of the Mondays” and I’m pretty confident you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Here is a real life, real-time example: As I write this, this text message conversation dings back and forth on my cell phone…

Let’s be honest, sometimes, even “good” Mondays are tough.

Today, however, is so much more than a Monday: Today marks the start of the Chinese New Year.

Today gives you another chance for a new start. Don’t just file today as the start of another long workweek. Why not make today the start of something great? The Lunar Calendar says this is Year of the Dragon (the rare “Water Dragon” from what I understand). The dragon sign is considered luckiest of all the years. It’s extra special if you were born in the year of the Dragon, but I think it can be lucky for the rest of us too. The Year of the Dragon brings happiness and success. SO… if 2012 hasn’t been so happy or successful or lucky for you… today could change everything.

I say embrace the rest of today (you’re almost there!) and embrace your inner Dragon. Yours may be the scary fire shooting mythical kind. Me? I’m more a “Puff, the Magic Dragon” kind of girl.

I once read that upon building Disney, Walt Disney built Cinderella’s castle first. The reason? He said,“If you can see the magic, then you can go the distance.”

English: Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom, W...

Image via Wikipedia

I can see it. What about you?

Gung Hey Fat Choi! (Translation: Happy New Year!)

Happy New YOU!

Shine on!


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